Vacation Membership

For more than 39 years, Taino Beach Resort and Clubs have remained the leader in the vacation membership Grand Bahama scene, delivering unforgettable vacations to thousands of vacationers.

We’re still at it, and it’s never been better, easier, and more of how good folks like yourself see amazing Grand Bahama Island, as well as the rest this beautiful planet.

  • Vacation where you want, when you want, and for as long as you want
  • Visit Taino Beach Resort annually – or see what the rest the world does on vacation via affiliation with Interval International (II). If you have not heard of them already, you will soon.
  • Enjoy access to thousands of resorts like Taino Beach Resort and hundreds of affiliate resorts through the exchange program.
  • Experience exotic safaris, mesmerizing cruises and more through Interval. Yes, everything to do with travel, they can handle – you just need to “trade” something…..something special like Taino Beach Resort vacations
  • Control your vacations – don’t just take them.
  • Secure a solid, time-tested timeshare interest with one-time purchase.
  • Avoid rising hotel room or rental apartment costs.

Take out the variables of vacation costs. For the cost of only ten years of hotel stays, you will receive a lifetime of week-long vacations at Taino Beach with exchange opportunities at thousands of affiliated resorts around the world. Not only will you have “locked out” rising vacation costs—your family will be assured holidays that are affordable, high-quality and convenient for generations.

“Lock in” your commitment to vacation annually. If you think about it – every vacation recharges your soul and adds memories with people you care about. Once becoming a Member, you commit yourself to an annual vacation experience – either at Taino Beach – or somewhere – anywhere else- in the world. Just like any experiences, your vacations actually improve once you do so annually!

So, become an expert at vacationing. The one activity that is so good for us that the medical community maintains strong support of annual vacations!

Best of all, Vacation Membership is transferable: should your circumstances change, it can be transferred and even be willed to heirs. Sounds better than just renting hotels? It is! Whatever the future holds, our Members will be vacationing annually.

Have a question? Speak with a Taino Beach Resort & Club representative about the flexibility of vacation planning, the convenience of Membership and travel opportunities.