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Allows members to exchange or trade with other owners, allowing each one to experience a different place in the world every couple of years. Interval has locations all over the world including United States, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Unlike a vacation home, which you pay for throughout the year but only use for a few weeks, you only pay for your membership and unit type for which you purchased. Because you are sharing the cost with others, there is much less financial strain throughout the year.

You can also rent out your week if you do not plan on using it that year and save the money for other things. Having control of your Vacation Membership allows you to decide who rents from you and it also allows family members or friends to take advantage of your membership.

Your Vacation Membership takes care of itself. Annual maintenance fees insure your Vacation Membership and Resort upkeep and any repairs that it may need. Your fees also pay for on-sight management and insurance so there is always someone looking after the property, which cannot be said for vacation homes or condos that may sit vacant for months at a time.

A Vacation Membership is a guaranteed vacation. If you are bad at organizing your vacation days, then owning a week at Taino Beach Resort & Club is a vacation destination that is guaranteed to be there one week or more a year, depending on how many weeks you purchase. This can make it easier for you to save for and make plans for your annual vacation. If you enjoy visiting the same place every year, this is a good way of securing your vacation.

Hotels are great for some, but anyone who has traveled with a large group of people or children can tell you that the accommodations are not ideal. Staying in a nice hotel is expensive and adding extra rooms compounds the cost so that a week in a hotel for a family of four can quickly climb into the thousands of dollars. A Vacation Membership at Taino Beach Resort can range from a Studio unit for 2 persons and a Grand Villa unit for 12 persons. All of our units have fully stocked kitchen which can cut out costly restaurant dinners every night.