FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Each member will be billed for their annual maintenance fees on June 1 of every year.  Your vacation year will run from June 1 to May 31 of every year.

You must make your reservations during your Vacation year or you will LOSE your week. Your time will not "holdover" or "accrue" automatically. During each membership year, you must request your week(s) to be assigned to you for your use. If you want to holdover your vacation until a later date, you will simply have a date assigned to you and we will space bank it with Interval International or if you are a member of R.C.I. (Resort Condominiums International). or .  For trade or any questions call: Interval 1-800-468-3782 or RCI 1-800-221-6400. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Maintenance fees are due on June 1, or when you are making your reservations, whichever comes first. You must be up to date (i.e. not past due 30 days) with your mortgage payments (if any) and your annual Maintenance fees must be paid for that year. This will ensure that you will be confirmed for your reservations. We do reserve the right to cancel your reservations, should your payments be delinquent.

Your membership is for a Floating week. Your year runs from June 1 to May 31 each year.  Please note that we are unable to guarantee the same unit for every visit to the Resort.

Floating time refers to the use of vacation accommodations during various times or seasons. Your resort is a year round floating time. You may reserve a week at any time during your Anniversary period each year. The owner must reserve his or her desired vacation time in advance, with reservation confirmation typically provided on a first come first served basis.

You MUST confirm your reservation by phone, fax, or e-mail, no earlier than 12 months and no later than 30 days in advance of your requested time.

Telephone  242-350-2200
Toll-free 1-888-311-7945
Fax   242-373-4421
Mail to:  Taino Beach Resort
c/o 4846 N. University Dr. #314, Lauderhill, FL 33351-4510

*our reservations office is open Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm eastern standard

Whether or not you are using you week or not you MUST contact our office. If you are a current member with RCI or Interval, you can space bank your week, and they will hold it up to (2) two years. Your time will not "holdover" or "accrue" automatically. If you fail to make reservations between June 1 and May 31, you will lose your week. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!  For trade or any questions call:  Interval 1-800-468-3782 or RCI 1-800-221-6400

Again you will need to contact us first and we will bank a week for you with Interval or RCI. You may then contact Interval at 1-800-468-3782 or RCI at 1-800-221-6400 and give them the dates and the Resort you would like to exchange to. You may also visit their website, or to look through their directory of resorts around the world. Since Interval and RCI are independent companies it is very important that you put in your request as far in advance as possible so that Interval or RCI will have the necessary time to accommodate you. 

Current exchange fees are $229

They are fees which are paid each year to the Resort for the maintenance of the resort. In a vacation membership resort, maintenance cost is shared by all members. They pay for onsite management, unit upkeep, and refurbishing, utilities and maintenance of the resort's common areas and amenities, such as pool, tennis courts, landscaping and ferry services. Just like residential condominium owners, after management has been turned over to vacation owners, they determine the fees through the Board of Directors. The amount of the yearly maintenance fee typically depends on the size, location, and amenities of the resort. Maintenance fees are assessed and paid annually by each Vacation Club Member.

All billings and payments for your maintenance fees are handled by Conrad Acceptance Corporation.  You may pay your Maintenance Fee with a major credit card, or mail a check made out to:

Conrad Acceptance Corporation 
P.O. Box 469109 
Escondido, CA 92046-9109 
Telephone: (760) 735-5000
Fax: (760) 735-5010

You may be assessed a 25% late charge on delinquent maintenance fees. Please ensure that you make your payments in a timely manner. Your check must be posted to your account prior to due date to avoid late fees.

Regardless of whether or not you use your membership, there are real cost generated in the administration and operation of the resorts; costs that are calculated to be covered by the annual Maintenance Fees. This is why it is absolutely necessary that you send your Maintenance Fees prior to or by your Anniversary Date or upon requesting a reservation, whichever comes first. 

"Lock off" or "lockout" units allow vacations owners to occupy a portion of the unit and offer the remaining space for rental or exchange. These units typically consist of two bedrooms and two baths, or three bedrooms and three baths.

Lockout Accommodations Descriptions at the Ocean and the Coral

Grand Villa

1 unit sleeps 12 max – 8 private


2 Efficiencies & 2 Studios (4 weeks total)

Two Bedroom

1 unit sleeps 8 max – 6 private


2 Efficiencies & 1 Studio (3 weeks total)

One Bedroom

1 unit sleeps 4 max – 2 private


1 efficiency and 1 studio (2 weeks total)


1 unit sleeps 4 max – 2 private


Not available


1 unit sleeps 2 max


Not Available


1 unit sleeps 2 max


Not Available


Lockout Accommodations Descriptions at the Marlin

 4 Bedroom

1 unit sleeps 16 max - 8 private


2 studios & 2 one bedroom with Bahama room (4 weeks total)

2 Bedroom Premium

1 unit sleeps 12 max - 4 private


2 one bedroom with Bahama room (2 weeks total)

2 Bedroom

1 unit sleeps 8 max - 4 private


1 Studio & 1 bedroom with Bahama room (2 weeks total)

2 Bedroom Deluxe

1 unit sleeps 6 max - 4 private Only available  on the top floor


1 Studio & 1 bedroom

1 Bedroom Deluxe

1 unit sleeps 4 max – 2 private Only available  on the top floor


Not available

1 Bedroom with Bahama Room

1 unit sleeps 6 max - 2 private


Not available


1 unit sleeps 2 max


Not available

Check in time is after 4:00 pm and check out time is 10:00am. If you arrive early, you can store your luggage in our office and enjoy our facilities. 

By law, the Resort is not allowed to provide any shuttle service to or from the airport; therefore you will have to take a taxi.  Distance to the Resort is about 10 Miles and the average cost from the airport to the Resort is *$28 each way for two people with an extra $4 per additional passenger.  To get from the Harbour to the Resort, the taxi fare averages *$30 each way for two people.  Fees are posted at the Harbour and Airport.

The resort does provide snorkeling or fishing equipment at the Watersports Booth on the beach for a small fee.

Yes! Watersports and Tours independently owned and operated by Lucaya Watersports Limited.  Bicycle rentals, Waverunners,  Glassbottom boat tours, Snorkeling, Deep sea fishing and so much more.  All tours are weather permitting.   There is a watersports booth located on the beach and in the Welcome Center. For further information, please check out

The nearest Supermarket is about 3 miles away. However, we recommend that our guests bring some of your most needed food supplies (coffee, cereal, etc.) as food costs are generally twice as high as in the USA.  There should be no customs charges if within reason. We are also only 10 minutes away from Port Lucaya Marketplace, which is home to over 80 restaurants, bars and shops.

The resort provides a complimentary Grocery Shop run for our Members on certain days.  Nonmembers pay a small fee. Check with the front desk upon check in for scheduled times.

We have a Ferry boat that normally leaves from the dock every hour on the hour going into Port Lucaya from 11am to 7pm, Monday through Wednesday, behind the Flamingo Bay Hotel located across from the Resort.  Ferry passes can be purchased at the Front Desk.  Please check at the front desk as the schedule is subject to change. 

Yes! Our resort is located on one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches on Grand Bahama Island.

Beach towels are provided with no additional cost to you, only a $10 deposit.

Yes, Taino by the Sea restaurant is overlooking our beach under a covered patio; there is also indoor dining and a bar.  We also have a swim up bar by the pool.

All of our units are fully equipped with irons, ironing boards, microwave ovens, and hair dryers.

The usage of car will greatly reduce your travel expense since you cannot depend on our Public Bus Service in the evenings. The Front Desk can assist you with the information for the car rental companies on the island. 

Each unit comes ready with telephone usage.


Yes! To ensure one will be reserved for you, please inform reservations that you will need one for the duration of your stay.

The voltage in the Bahamas is the same as in the USA and Canada, 110-120V.

For the convenience of other guests and in an effort to help us provide the cleanest and most sanitary accommodations available, pets are not permitted on Taino Beach Resort & Club’s properties.

We have an elevator located between the Coral and the Marlin buildings.

Yes.  We have a 25 boat slip marina with full amenities and can dock up to 100 feet.  Email for reservations and rates at

We offer our guests free WIFI at our hot spots (Pool area, Pool bar, Restaurant, Main Lobby, Beach Pavilion, Marina and Hotel lobby).  Check the Front desk for code. 

You can book additional nights at the Flamingo Bay Hotel & Marina, located across the street from the Resort.  Ask the Reservation Department for the members discounted rate.

Time Travel, which is the Resort’s preferred Travel Agency, is always there to assist you. They are located in Florida, call 1-954-484-4757 or Toll-free 1-800-824-6623, or e-mail at  Just one phone call does it all!!

Lowest airfares, car rentals, cruises and tours. Even if you are not returning to the resort, you can contact them to make your travel arrangements and book extra nights at our Flamingo Bay Hotel.